Spin Palace Casino Bonuses

Ever heard of Bayton Ltd.? Probably not, but you see the name every day that you play on Spin Palace Casino, cause this is the holding company, registered on the Mediterranean island Malta, where too the operational activities are centered. In Malta the marketing of Microgaming also took office and their cooperation is therefore not strange. Spin Palace Casino has a large offer in video slots and many of them are from the drawings of Microgaming. At least 250 video slots can be played at Spin Palace Casino from the easy fruit machines till advanced 3D slots with progressive jackpots. But this page is here to describe the Spin Palace Casino bonuses and that’s what we are about to do.

It’s a matter of spending some money and receive some extra money that you can’t cash in directly but have to play around a number of times, before it is really hard cash. We have to be realistic: the chance that you play away this money is bigger than the chance that you can really cash it. But who cares, the extra play money is for free and mend to have extra fun with it. For spending money to obtain Spin Palace online casino bonuses you have to be registered in the first place. In the second place you have to make an account and in the third place you have to transfer money in that account. And from that moment on you can profit from a range of Spin Palace Casino Bonuses, starting with the first bonus to welcome you as a new player. The announcement of a $1000 bonus is to be considered as a possible bonus, not as a fixed one. It is built up by three bonuses over your first three transfers and in total you can come out on a $1000 welcome bonus, called as a Sign-on bonus by Spin Palace. The first bonus is in our opinion the real one and gives you a 100% extra free play money on your deposit with a maximum of $150 and that’s still far away from $1000 as announced. But we don’t look at the first bonus in particular. We are far more interested what is happening in an online casino, once you are an existing customer and a real player, nonetheless what you can spend in a certain period, which should never be more than you can afford. On the website of Spin Palace Casino you can find a lot of information about responsible gaming. Okay, let’s move on. Apart from the Sign-on bonus there are no specific Spin Palace Casino Bonuses reported on the site, but every week you will see an action or special offer in the mail. As a regular customer you can quickly reach the status of Loyalty Club member. It’s all about bonus points here, points that you earn while playing and that you can change for extra play money, but also on gifts and even travelling, but you have to deserve that in the Loyalty scheme. Better Spin Palace Casino Bonuses then as a Loyalty member are not available and in the scheme on the site of Spin Palace you can find a whole scheme from the very beginning till you reach the Private corner by passing Blue, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond first. When you are a diamond Loyalty Member you are also part of the VIP program and from here it’s really fun. But first things first. You build up Spin Palace Casino bonuses points while playing on video slots or being a guest at one of the table games. You can see how many points you need to climb one level in the Loyalty tiers.

Being on a certain level you have to keep up the good spirit by collecting points on a regular base and those are called maintenance points. In the mean time you can collect extra bonus points and the number of those are given in the scheme as bonus points. It is good to know that within all levels of the Spin Palace Casino bonuses you will be invited to take part in exclusive tournaments, that are only open for paying customers. At all levels you will have a regular opportunity to earn some extra play money, also mentioned in the scheme below:

And what when you are a VIP member? As a gold or platinum player in the Loyalty tiers you can be invited to certain VIP activities, but it’s the decision of the casino who will have that privilege. Once you are a diamond player you are entitled to VIP activities, which gives you a lot of extra fun in the range of Spin Palace Casino bonuses. Now you can profit from exclusive gifts when redeeming your points, you can join to visit all kinds of events, vacations and sports events all over the world and you will see regular customized bonus offers. Here it’s not a matter ‘do you like it’ but ‘how can I resist it’. So far about Spin Palace Casino bonuses. One you join them you will see how easy things are organized and you can enjoy one of the most varied gaming sites we know with a very strong reputation and a very loyal clientele. But that’s not curious when you have a look at the loyalty scheme and see how far the Spin Palace Casino bonuses can go!