Online Casino Bonus Codes

One of the most popular activities in casinos are the slot machines. In land-based casino cities in Las Vegas, Singapore and Macau you can find casinos with over five thousand slot machines creating an enormous crowd around them, all hoping to win a jackpot. Hearing the bells ringing is the most exiting what can happen to players over there. In an online casino you will very likely have to celebrate such a moment on your own. Normally you will not be surrounded by other players or by other members of your family that are watching you when you play Robin Hood or a big jackpot game like Mega Fortune. The chance that you win a jackpot in a land-based casino or on a slot in an online casino is of course not very big, but it is nice to dream about it. Video slots or pokies in more popular language are played by the millions in online casinos and the providers are willing to do a lot to stimulate that. Free spins bonuses are just one of the instruments to reach that and you can have a lot of extra fun with them.

When can you expect free spins bonuses? In the first place when a new video slot is introduced. As a customer who is playing for real money you will have regular offers in your mailbox when new slots are in place. There are some major developers of video slots, like Microgaming, Net Entertainment, Cryptologic and many others. Of course they don’t come out with a new slot every day, but all together you will hear from new slots every few weeks. So when a new slot is introduced you will everywhere see the announcements of free spins bonuses that you can collect when you are logged in at your own online casino. That’s nice but don’t expect too much of it for most of the times the free spins bonuses are limited to ten, maybe fifteen free spins and that’s only one time and that’s it. But theoretically it is possible that you win the jackpot with your free spins and that’s a nice idea of course.

Another form of free spins bonuses is to give them away as an extra bonus when you deposit money in your account. It often comes with an offer to give you extra bonus money on your deposit, which can vary from 25% till sometimes even 100% on your deposit. This bonus money is always limited to a certain amount and there are a lot of conditions as you can read elsewhere on this site in the column online casino deposit bonuses. Free spins bonuses will come without too many terms & conditions but one of the conditions will often be that when you win money with your free spins that it will be regarded as bonus money and that you have to play it around a number of times. How they will arrange that when you win a jackpot of a few million bucks with your free spins is not known to us, but they will certainly come up with an agreeable arrangement for you. Free spins are a safe present for the online casinos. All video slots are programmed to have a certain pay out percentage, which is mostly between 94% and 98% of the total amount of bets. That guarantees players all over the planet that far out most of the bets are also returned to the players. But these games would not be attractive if everybody got that percentage back so the height of the prices is very different. You don’t have any influence of the outcome of the spins. A random number generator (RNG) will see that every spin is just a matter of luck, but seen over many and many games there will be the outcome that a few percent stayed in the wallets of the online casino providers and that the remaining money is returned to the players. So, when you are at a certain point that you have a nice profit in the game, you have to realize that you belong to the happy few at that moment when you cash the profit. Just for the readers that are still struggling with the hangover from the night before it is good to tell you here that free spins bonuses that are awarded in the game itself are not subject to the terms and conditions. They are part of the game and different from the free spins bonuses that are granted as part of a promotion.

Other promotions that offer you free spins bonuses are given away frequently and are not granted because of a video slot that newly came out or as part of an online deposit bonus, but just to keep up to the good spirit. Why are the online casinos doing that? Well, simply because you can only collect them when you are logged in, which means that you are at that very moment within the domain of this particular only casino and not in the one of a competitor. And once you have taken up your free spins for whatever video slot you might very well be willing to play on this slot and spend some extra money while you are there anyway. From the point of view of the online casino providers these free spins bonuses are a very clever instrument to tempt you to start playing. Bit is of course also an instrument to remind you that a big assortment of video slots is in place and how nice it is to play them regularly. That’s your own choice of course, but when you are playing anyway then the free spins bonuses are always welcome and why not use them? It’s part of the relationship between you and your online casino and in that relationship incentives are a popular instrument of your providers(s) to attract you to the games that they are offering.