Free Money Bonuses

Going downtown and while you walk the main road, looking at the tempting windows of the local shops and then meeting somebody who gives you money on behalf of one of the shops in the street. Just plain money that you can spend how you like. You will be very suspicious then and you are right. Nobody is giving away money, unless for charity. And shop owners don’t practice charity by giving away money to complete strangers. Is it in the same way strange that online casinos are giving away money to their regular customers? Or, even stranger, give away money to persons that made the effort to register and for that be rewarded with five or ten bucks free money bonuses just to play away? What is going on in this country?

It is not unusual that online casinos are giving presents to their new and existing customers. This whole website is dedicated to the description of everything that has to do with bonuses, free money, free spins and the incentives that you can by with bonus points, from nice T-shirts to complete vacations in a tropic far-away resort. This article is about free money bonuses and the first question is of course: is this really free money or is it just bonus money? The difference is that free money is adjusted to your account and is immediately liquid. Why should an online casino do that? The answer to that question is very simple: you have to register as a customer, you have to open an account (otherwise they can’t put the free money bonuses in your account) and so you are part of their world. Of course they hope that it will stimulate you to put some of your own money in your newly achieved account as well. That’s all it is about of course, for when you spend your own money they can make a profit out of you, unless you have the luck to join the happy few that are winning money instead of losing it. It happens so why not? When you get five dollar and deposit fifty your free money is only 10% of the total balance that you have created. And when it is regarded as free money bonuses you have to play around your five dollar several times before it is really yours and the chance is limited that you will manage to achieve that. It’s no big deal as long as it free and as long as it does not tempt you to go lose in the online casino and spend more than you can afford.

One of the main differences between free money bonuses and normal deposit bonuses is that you don’t have to deposit money into your account. No complicated calculations have to be made how much deposit bonuses you can have, how to play them around, what minimum and maximum is applying and so on. Just do what they ask you to do and have the money in your account. Of course when it is regarded as bonus money by the online casino in question you have to look at the terms & conditions that apply. What they are can vary from casino to casino but it’s all about the number of times that you have to bet it again, before it is yours. What goes for all other incentives that we have described on this website is also going for free money bonuses: it is only part of a whole program that the online casino is offering to make their domain a comfortable and pleasant domain for you. We strongly advise you never to accept these kind of bonuses, not even free money bonuses, when you have not checked out this or that particular online casino as a reliable, trustworthy and transparent operating provider. We have mentioned three online casinos on this site and they belong definitely to the best in the business. There are many more reliable online casinos and to sort them out you have to look at a few simple things. If they are part of an eCOGRA program you are on the right track, for this independent organization is operating for the interest of the players. Furthermore you can look at their memberships. There are a few big organizations that are founded as branch organizations by the companies that exploit the online casino websites and they do a lot to keep the business safe and sound. The third thing you can check out is the organization of the customer service. If only an e-mail program is available, it is a bit poor in our opinion. A live chat function is already much better, although we have to admit immediately that some of those live chat functions are not manned by persons of flesh and blood but by computer robots that respond on certain keywords. You will only get standard answers to a number of standard questions, but you will see that soon enough and can stripe it away as a tool to have personal contact. The best customer service is that you can phone them when you need them. Sometimes this function is reported as generally available on the website, but sometimes it is only there for real customers to avoid that all kind of minor questions are going over the phone where this instrument is especially reserve for (paying) customers. It is the choice of the online casino how they organize their own customer service and it is very well possible that there is hardly a moment in your whole relationship that you feel the need to contact them directly with your questions, even about free money bonuses. We advise you to read the announcements of the game carefully and try to know the rules before you are playing. All major online casinos have an extended space on their website that is reserved for explanation of the games that they are offering. It is delivered by the software developers as well, so there is no excuse for not knowing the rules of the games. Being a regular customer you will more often be awarded with free money bonuses and having read this article you know what they are!