Deposit Bonuses

Let’s assume you are mail and want to buy a necklace for your lady. You are going downtown and enter the shop of a jeweler, preferably one that isn’t robbed the night before, and after a while looking at jewelries that you can’t effort you find one that fits your lady’s neck and your wallet as well. You pay the necklace and want to go home but surprise, the jeweler asks you to wait a bit longer and he packs a small broche with a tiny diamond and offers that as a free gift. You are surprised and thanking the jeweler for this kind and welcome gesture you walk out of the store backwards and are happy. Why? Because you got something for free and that’s always nice. In fact you paid for the broche as well, for the jeweler has calculated his free gifts in the prices of his other stuff. This is the case with all free gifts and with all deposit bonuses it’s exactly the same. Deposit hundred dollar and get hundred dollar for free! That’s tempting but in reality there are a number of terms & conditions and at the end the free money is only a few percent of the total money that you deposited in your account. Nevertheless the online casinos are rolling over one and another to offer you the most attractive deposit bonuses and you might wonder if it’s not a bit out of control. Well, this article is not meant to give deep thoughts about that but we appreciate your feelings. Deposit bonuses are there and as long as they are there we have to deal with them and that’s why we tell you how you can have the most profit of them.

In the chapter about the bonus wagering requirements you can find a lot of information about the system of deposit bonuses. They don’t harm you, that’s for sure, but you can easily get the wrong idea about them. It’s all in the idea of getting a sum of money that is equal to the first few hundred dollars that you are depositing. You can use that money to play with but you have to do that a number of times before the money is definitely yours. The chance that you will bring the whole amount of bonus money to a happy end is next to zero. It differs from one online casino to the other what the real percentage is that they spend on this kind of deposit bonuses but it is never more than a few percent. That is what it is and when you realize that you will look at the deposit bonuses in another way. We advise you not to look at the deposit bonuses as such but at the profits you can make out of them. When you are allowed to play with them and regard the profits out of the game you are playing with deposit bonuses as real money, then stop immediately when you have reached a certain profit. It means two things, one that you still have the deposit money you started with intact and two that you have adjusted real money to your account. Even when you have to play around the profits a number of times, you better follow that system. When you are able to bring the deposit bonuses to a next level you better do that, because when you play on the chance is pretty big that you will lose it.

There are several types of deposit bonuses, but they are all of the same kind and they all are subject to the same terms & conditions, those that apply in the online casino of your choice. We have elsewhere recognized the welcome bonuses that you receive when you have opened an account and deposit your first amount in that account. Sometimes you have already got notice of a number of follow-up bonuses that are yes or no part of the welcome bonus. We like to plea for a system where the welcome bonus is announced as the bonus that you can get upon your first deposit. It is much more easy to compare the deposit bonuses of the various online casino providers when they all have the same rules for naming the bonuses. After the first welcome bonus all other deposit bonuses are follow-up bonuses. Many online casinos have loyalty schemes and the way to be part of those schemes is dependent on several parameters and one of them will be the number of transfers you make, but also the number of times you play for real money and what you spend. We have to lift up here a misunderstanding that is heard very often. It is said that you will only be part of the loyalty schemes when you made a certain number of transfers in the period behind. That is not through. Let us assume that you have won a few thousand dollar on a video slot. You can take that out of your account to spend it on a nice vacation to the Bahamas and you can leave it in your account to play with it. It is the way that you are active with your account that decides whether you are allowed to enter a loyalty or VIP scheme and not the number of deposits. It makes sense to presume that when you use existing money from your account to spend on games, you will not receive any deposit bonuses for that. To stimulate you to use money in your account to play with it you can still have other deposit bonuses and that happens when an online casino is offering you such a bonus when you play a certain amount in live Roulette or other games. It’s complicated to describe all kinds of deposit bonuses but at the end those bonuses are at the best only a very small part of the real money in your account. So, don’t get to exited when you read about them but try to make the best out of it.