Bonus Wagering Requirements

A company that sells products or services to consumers is always looking for new customers and will always have great interest in keeping the present customers loyal and active. To prevent that you are going to belong to the group of ‘sleeping’ players, online casinos –and that means all online casinos- are busy to offer you a lot of extras in order to keep you warm. All the extra that they are given to you are announced as free and gratis, but in reality there is not much available in live that is completely for free and we all know that these online casinos have to make profit at the end of the year. That’s not a surprise and there is certainly nothing wrong with it but to get something for free you have to do something. Translated in gambling language: to get free bonuses you have to fulfill some bonus wagering requirements to get along.

Bonus wagering requirements. It sounds complicated and in fact it is. There is no list available with bonus wagering requirements that goes for all online casinos. Every casino has its own rules, although some of them are rather similar. Let us start with the most of all eye catching online casino bonuses, the welcome bonus. The first of the bonus wagering requirements for the welcome bonus is that you are registered and that you have opened an account. The third step is that you transfer money into that account and then you are promised to receive for example a 100% deposit bonus on top of your transfer. Very often you see amounts from fifty dollars to sometimes three thousand dollar or more. The truth is that the real welcome bonus on your first deposit is normally not more than a few hundred bucks. When you see giant amounts like some online casinos on this site are promising it is always a combination of the real welcome bonus and follow-up bonuses on next deposits. Can this be regarded as misleading? Well, you could think so, but on the site the different bonus wagering requirements are always mentioned and explained. When this is the first acquaintance with an online casino, you have to realize that what is printed in hard symbols is not always what you get.

The second rule you have to find out is the level of the amount that you have to transfer. Do you receive a $100 bonus when you deposit a single dollar. You know better than that of course. The height of your bonus is never more than what you have deposited, unless the percentage of the welcome bonus is for example 150% or something like that. Furthermore in the bonus wagering requirements there will always be a minimum amount that you have to deposit, because all the software that is activated when you make a deposit cost money and with very little deposits your transfer will immediately disappear in the overhead of the online casino and that’s not the way to make a profit. Take good notice of the minimum and maximum amounts, the latter because the bonus is often limited to a maximum amount, independently of the amount that you deposit in your account. There is also something that can be written in the fine print of the bonus wagering requirements, something like that your final bonus depends on the level of your activities in your new online casino. That means that it is not enough to deposit money and then using only your bonus money to play and nothing more. Especially when the winnings with bonus money are regarded as real money, you will understand -cause you are not stupid- that the online casino will protect itself against smart persons that make money out of the bonuses, cash it and disappear. There wouldn’t be many casinos that can survive these practices.

Bonus money as such is not always real money, in fact it never is. In the bonus wagering requirements you will find a rule that you can use it for playing. Two conditions will or can always apply. One is that you have to play the bonus money around a number of times and two that you cannot use it for all types of games. What is playing around? It means that you have to wager it several times before you can say ‘hurrah, it is real money now’ and that means that there is a growing chance that you will lose it. No problem, you had it for free, but it is good to know. How many times you have to wager this money differs from casino to casino. Limited games also varies but you can imagine that they don’t allow you to spend it in the live casino games or in certain tournaments.

The bonus wagering requirements that go for the welcome bonuses are mostly also valid for follow up bonuses, re-deposit bonuses or whatever they may be called. Again we appreciate that online casinos are no philanthropic institutions, but reading the terms and conditions we have the idea that it is not for everybody undisputable clear. It is not meant to mislead you, but it is announced big and ends up small. A better system would be that when you deposit money (be it the first time or a re-deposit) you will get part of that money back when you wager it and lose it. That could be done unconditionally and much easier to understand. But okay, waving with extra money, even with a lot of rules applying, looks better on the screen than that. Bonus wagering requirements are always described in the Terms & Conditions of your online casino. Read them carefully before you are going to subscribe and spend money. Don’t focus too much on bonuses and other incentives, for you are in the online casino to play a bit and have some fun. No bonus wagering requirements can change the feeling of winning but it is a pity when you don’t end up with money that you calculated because you did not read the conditions. When you lose, that’s it, when you win, have a party!