Online Casino Bonuses

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This is a site where you can learn all about online casino bonuses, how they work, why they are there and how you can have the full profit from them. We have three online casinos taken as an example of providers that are doing a lot for their customers and each of them have got an own page to describe the 888 bonuses, the Spin Palace bonuses and Part bonuses. This page is describing online casino bonuses more in general with the following topics:

– What are online casino bonuses?
– Are online casino bonuses safe?
– Which forms of online casino bonuses are there?
– How can you obtain online casino bonuses?
– Can you refuse online casino bonuses?

What are online casino bonuses?

Most companies that sell products or services to other companies or consumers are tempting new customers with gifts. And to keep the relationship going they award their regular customers from time to time with new gifts or incentives. That’s exactly why online casino bonuses exist. It is always nice to get something for free but of course all these stuff is calculated in the prices and at the end of the line you have paid for it after all. Online casinos have a nice instrument to give away extras and that’s called play money. When you transfer real money into your account you will often have some play money from the online casino for free. But this is not the same money. You can use it as real money but you can’t cash it, at least not before you have played the money a few times around. Every time you play the money the chance grows bigger and bigger that you will lose it. Is it fake then? Certainly not, for the profits that you gain with play money are as real as can be. Play money is also useful to learn more about the games and to practice your skills.

Are online casino bonuses safe?

Yes, they are. There are no hidden tricks behind it and you know always exactly what you have to do to obtain the online casino bonuses that are offered by your provider. The only thing that is important is that you are registered and that you have an account at the online casino of your choice.

Which forms of online casino bonuses are there?

Many, but we will try to split them out for you. It all starts with a welcome bonus that you will obtain upon your first real money transfer into your account. This is often 50 to 100% on top of your own transfer with a certain maximum, that varies from provider to provider. Don’t believe the amounts that are often mentioned on the sites, it is sometimes a compilation of a bonus on top of your first transfer and follow-up bonuses on later transfers. Follow-up bonuses are also given to keep you satisfied as a customer, we prefer to name them regular customer bonuses. Sometimes you can get these bonuses without transferring new money into your account. Next there are the loyalty bonuses, especially given to loyal and regular customers. These online casino bonuses often come with bonus points that you automatically collect while playing or betting. The top of the bill is the VIP room or how it may be called for the best customers of the online casino. This has not always to do with the amounts you spend in your online casino, but sometimes also with the number of times that you are found in your online casino.

How can you obtain online casino bonuses?

Online casino bonuses are only given to real customers. To become one you have to register to the online casino of your choice and you have to open an account. There is no limit on the number of online casinos where you want to play. You can have one provider or many more, just what you like. We advise three of the best online casinos on this site, but there are many more, although it will be hard to find online casinos that can measure up to the three we have mentioned here. Once you are known as a paying client, you have to do nothing special, for you will constantly be informed by e-mail when new online casino bonuses are available. Many times these bonuses will be as an extra on your deposits but sometimes it’s just for free or to encourage you to do more with your account. If you have no plans to spend more but you can’t resist a certain offer for extra play money, don’t worry for all the real money in your account is still yours as long as you don’t gamble it away. This is the way to play with the free money without spending your own. Is that a clever system or not? It is, but you will not become a VIP player by doing this. But there is no law against it.

Can you refuse online casino bonuses?

Of course you can. If a bonus is given as extra on a required deposit, you simply don’t transfer money. But it is not smart to refuse bonus money when you deposit anyway. We can’t think of a good reason to do such a thing. If you can think of such a reason, then please use the contact form to tell us all about it.

Online casino bonus are nice to get but always have to be seen as they are: a strong marketing weapon for the online casinos. It is not a form of philanthropy, it is a way to get you on board of the online casino, to let you enjoy the games –even for free- but at the end they want to make money and the less profit they make of your money, the better for you. On the other hand you have to realize that when you play you can lose and there is always lost more than that’s won. When you can approach the games in a relaxed atmosphere you will have most of the fun.